Yucheng Han

A senior student in Deparment of Automation at Tsinghua University.

About myself

This is Yucheng Han’s Homepage and I am still improving it.

I am a senior student of Department of Automation in Tsinghua University. I am looking forward to pursuing a Ph.D. degree.

I have decided to join MReal Lab at Nanyang Technological University.

Any researcher is welcomed to contact me and I am eager to communicate with you. By now I can be contacted using email 758370661@qq.com or yuchenghan.listen2you@gmail.com.

Research experiences


Fast AdvProp
Advised by Professor Cihang Xie and Professor Alan Yuille.

  • AdvProp reimplemented using PyTorch is open source.
  • Still in progress


I have finished two projects in i-VisionGroup and gotten two corresponding papers.

Hierarchical Graph with Relation Reduction for Video Summarization
Advised by Professor Jiwen Lu

  • Designed a new video summarization method to extract the spatial-temporal representations by building a
    hierarchical graph and applying graph convolution and our proposed pooling module.
  • Exceeded previous state-of-the-art method by 2.1% on SumMe dataset and 1.6% on TVSum dataset.
  • Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP).

Learning Multiscale Hierarchical Attention for Video Summarization
Advised by Professor Jiwen Lu

  • Designed a hierarchical attention model for video summarization extracting the multiscale features.
  • Benchmarked the proposed attention model on the task of video summarization (as well as a variant of the
    attention model that was combined with optical flow) and improved the performance on SumMe and TVSum by
    1.4% (1.7%) and 0.4% (0.9%), respectively.
  • Submitted to Pattern Recognition (PR).